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About goDaven


goDaven is a worldwide searchable database of Orthodox Minyan information, including minyan locations, times, and contact information.

Local Info

For those seeking to find out their local minyan times, a single search on the site can take the place of many phone calls and fruitless "Now what time did they announce in shul?" memory trips.


For those who travel, goDaven can serve as an indispensable resource that will provide them with countless choices for catching minyanim in unfamiliar cities.


For shuls and other minyan locations, goDaven acts as a form of free advertising, a way to get out the word and announce to the world that their minyan exists, and is open to new minyan-goers. This site is one of the many ways you have of bringing new members into your shul. Minyan times can be updated weekly, or on a submit-and-forget basis, depending on an individual minyan's needs. Instead of spending time in shul announcing ten different minyan times that nobody will remember, simply announce that all minyan times are available on It is suggested that every minyan have one designated person, perhaps the gabbai, whose job it is to update their online minyan times weekly, or as needed. in the Media:

Please Note:

The only way for GoDaven to truly succeed and fulfill its potential is to depend on the assistance of many daveners worldwide to submit their minyan information to the database. The benefit of gaining additional members in their minyan will hopefully justify the small amount of time required to submit the proper information.

Please use the minyan times in this database as a general guide. As minyan times may change on short notice, always call first before attending a new minyan for the first time.

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