KHal Ytev Lev - Satmar

Minyan ID# 2907 Updated: 1/28/2018

405 Forest Ave.  
Lakewood, NJ 08701 USA


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Minyan Times:

Shacharis Sun: 7:00 AM Every 15 minutes

Shacharis Mon/Thu: 7:00 AM Every 15 minutes

Shacharis T/W/F: 7:00 AM every 15 minutes

Shacharis Rosh Chodesh: 7:00 AM Every 15 min utes

Mincha:  as needed until 45 minutes after Shkia

Maariv:  60 minutes after shkia, then as needed

Shiurim: Add a shiur

Rabbi: Rabbi Mordechai Betzalel Klein, Satmar Dayan of Lakewood

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