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 Result/s for “Hungary”:

Alma utca - Minyan Image

Alma utca

2 Alma utca  

Minyan Details

Minyan ID# 7274

Updated: 11/8/2014

no image available

Bikur Chajlim (Dessewffy ) Shul

Dessewffy utca 23.   
Budapest, Budapest 1066 Hungary

Minyan Details

Minyan ID# 6621

Added: 12/10/2008

no image available

Chabad minyan in Obuda

Lajos street 163, Obuda (Next to Ramada - Acvinqum Hotel)  
Budapest, Obuda 1036 Hungary

Rabbi: Shlomo Koves

Minyan Details

Minyan ID# 16712

Updated: 2/23/2014

Chevra Shas-Lubavitch (aka Pesti Yeshiva) - Minyan Image

Chevra Shas-Lubavitch (aka Pesti Yeshiva)

Vasvári Pál utca 5  

Rabbi: Rabbi Boruch Oberlander: (361) 268-0183,

Minyan Details

Minyan ID# 1533

Updated: 11/19/2018

no image available

Debrecen Minyen

Pasti u. 4 Pásti u. 4

Rabbi: Rabbi Shmuel Faigen

Minyan Details

Minyan ID# 20495

Added: 8/29/2017

no image available

Kazinczy Orthodox Shul

Dob utca 35.  

Rabbi: Rabbi Gestetner

Minyan Details

Minyan ID# 2231

Updated: 1/27/2018

no image available


Kossuth u. 69  

Minyan Details

Minyan ID# 21298

Updated: 1/13/2019

Pester Shul  - Minyan Image

Pester Shul

3 Visegradi utca (close to the Western Railway Station)  

Rabbi: Rabbi J. Dov Levy

Minyan Details

Minyan ID# 2188

Updated: 11/3/2013

no image available

Rami Levi Shilat Israel

Rami Levy - Shilat Branch Beit Mega Or, Shilat Industrial Area  

Minyan Details

Minyan ID# 21582

Updated: 1/30/2019

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